How satisfied are your IT users?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect across all industry sectors, accelerating change in general – and digital transformation in particular – by several years.

The rush to remote working has given most organisations some large challenges to overcome. Simply procuring sufficient laptops, headsets, printers and keyboards has been the initial challenge, but the provision of ongoing IT support while also advancing the organisation’s digital agenda still further is likely to be an even bigger challenge.

The crisis has rapidly changed the “what”, “when” and “how” of digital transformation plans, with the employee experience of digital technology going from “nice to have” to “the only way to work.”

Ensuring your people have the technology they need has never been more critical to success.  ImprovIT is offering an IT user survey that enables organisations to determine how satisfied their users are with the IT service support they receive and the technology they consume.  Our structured approach, backed by a tried and tested methodology, will help organisations understand where the gaps are, provide comparisons to similar organisations and enable genuine problems to be quickly addressed.

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